Replenishment Dashboard

We are thrilled to announce a new major feature for the ACS Warehouse Management System. The new Replenishment Dashboard is available for all users on the 2013 and 2014 versions of the Multi-Bin and WMS software.

1. Provides an easy-to-use dashboard to review the change calculated replenishments

2. Prints wave picking sheets to pick and put-away replenishing items.

3. Transfer inventory with one click using the Multi-Bin quick transfer (for intra-warehouse transfers) or Inventory Transaction Transfers (for inter-warehouse transfers).

4. Rotate inventory using built-in directed picking algorithms - FIFO, FEFO, etc.

5. Replenish case pack and pallet inventory for License Plate users.

6. Exception Log to review inventory shortages.

7. Utilizes new and existing Minimum and Maximum replenishment settings, location capacity settings and inventory restriction settings.

8. New unlimited primary location feature and replenishment by warehouse.