Announcing PM (Formerly PM2000) Upgrade 5.1

ACS is proud to announce that the Property Management module is now available for version 5.1.

We will be offering regular upgrade training classes to resellers with current end-users. This class will review the new features of the system and will help resellers properly consult on the upgrade process, taking into consideration changes to leases, lease history, assessment billing, the renewal process, and the handling of month to month leases. If you are a user, and interested in upgrading, please contact your reseller to arrange your upgrade. Below, you will find a list of new features and improvements to the system.

Improved General Ledger Integration and Reporting

■ Report Occupancy and Vacancy Statistics to non-financial G/L Accounts for use on financial
  • ■ Report Revenue lost to vacancy
  • ■ FASB 13 Lease Revenue Recognition
  • ■ Option to auto-create revenue and expense G/L sub-accounts for properties and units when posting transactions

Redesigned Lease and Billing Systems

■ Improved lease intelligence tracking and billing by occupancy periods
  • ■ Process lease renewals automatically and maintain detailed lease history
  • ■ Billing Validation report to audit completeness of billings
  • ■ New Lease Letter printing with multiple sample forms available for Lease, Lease History and Global Reminders Utility
  • ■ Improved Wait List and Lease Proposals. Retains proposed lease escalations with automated lease renewals and lease history upon completion.
  • ■ New Lease History feature to archive completed leases along with lease escalations, CAM history, invoice and payment history. System continues to track occupancy in detail.

New and Improved Features

  • ■ Support for new 5.1 features, including 20 character customer number and 30 character item codes
  • ■ Improved Move-out wizard. Process deposits, prepayments and credits. Assess move-out fees and generate Accounts Payable refunds
  • ■ Improved historical and future occupancy tracking allows for historical and future rent rolls, occupancy/vacancy reports and rental income reports
  • ■ Track Unit Inspection notes at move-out
  • ■ Improved Unit history to tracks dates disabled for historical reporting
  • ■ Improved Common Area Maintenance Process for easier Project Level Allocations
  • ■ Track Common Area Maintenance expenses disbursements from AP and charges to tenants by Project, Property, and Lease
  • ■ Expanded CPI Escalations. Leases automatically take advantage of any number of entries per index code