ACS PM: Property and unit Management

Property and Unit Management for Property Management Companies




ACS Property Management (formerly PM2000), a comprehensive property management application, delivers purpose-built tools for tracking information about your physical properties and units and accounts for tenant and lease based activities.



Property Management

With ACS PM you can track complete property information from a single location. Detailed maintenance screens make it easy to track everything from static information, availability tracking, lease defaults, financial data, and even user-defined data fields.


  • Track static information, including: location, owner, and square footage (for CAM purposes).
  • • Setup defaults for NSF, Move-out and Metering charges as well as Late Fees, Management Fees, and Deposit Interest.
  • • Quickly check the current number of units and unit availability.
  • • Define up to 15 user-definable fields to track specific information about each property.
  • • Monitor Field Service information for the property, including write-down totals.
  • • Designate a General Ledger Segment and identifier for tracking transactions to the GL.


By associating a general ledger account segment with each property, all transactions associated with the property are tracked in the appropriate general ledger sub accounts. This allows managers to generate full Profit and Loss Statements by property, giving owners a clear picture of each property's profitability. For more information about PM's Accounting and Financial management features, click here.

Unit Maintenance

The PM Unit Maintenance component serves as the repository of information about the individual units of your properties.


  • Track static information, including: location, current tenant, and square footage (for CAM purposes).
  • • Quick reference information about the unit's lease status and upcoming availability.
  • Track unit occupancy history in detail, including vacant periods, periods of deactivation and lease details during occupied periods.
  • Maintain potential/market rent for the unit and use it to post revenue lost to vacancy to the general ledger or compare to lease actual charges to track gain or loss to lease.
  • • Unit maintenance also contains a series of User Definable Fields (UDFs), similar, but separate from the UDFs available on the property
  • • Track unit assets and amenities.
  • • Track and review the Field Service information entered and completed for this Unit, including write-down totals


Asset Management

The PM system includes an asset management system that allows managers to track in-unit assets, as well as those in general inventory. This system is able to track individual asset details, including manufacturer information, product and serial numbers in addition to as warranty information. You can associate in-unit assets to the Unit Maintenance record. This function makes it easy to review the assets in the unit and deactivate them as necessary.