ACS PM: Multi-Company AR

Multi-Company Processing Efficiency for Property Management Companies

Multi-Company Accounts Receivable for the ACS Property Management (formerly PM2000) solution allows for lease and assessment billing selection for any number of property management enabled companies as well as providing a single point of entry for cash receipts. The system accounts for the Due To liability in the Agent Company and the Due From postings in the Subsidiary Companies.


  • • Generate invoices for multiple management companies through the Lease Billing Selection Utility.
  • • Update receivable invoices to their separate companies using the Multi-Company Daily Transaction Register.
  • Designate any company as an Agent or receiving company.
  • Turn Multi-Company Cash Receipts on or off in each company.
  • • Select the Subsidiary companies' invoices, general ledger accounts, item codes, properties and units, and leases for receipts.
  • • Honor the property and unit account translation setup in each subsidiary company.


In this example, the invoice total credited the Agent's Accounts Payable account and debited the Due From account designated for the Subsidiary Company. In the Subsidiary Company, the expense account is debited and the Due To the Agent account is credited.