ACS PM: Multi-Company AP

Multi-Company Processing Efficiency for Property Management Companies

Multi-Company Accounts Payable for the ACS Property Management (formerly PM2000) solution allows Accounts Payable Invoices and Manual Checks to be entered into a single company while being distributed accurately across multiple companies. The system accounts for the Due From in the Agent Company and the Due To liability postings in the Subsidiary Companies. Invoices recorded from an Agent Company may be posted to Subsidiary Company Expenses, Tenant Refunds, Tenant Pass-Thru Charges, CAM Charges, and Property and Unit history.


  • Designate any company as an Agent or paying company.
  • Turn Multi-Company Accounts Payable on or off in each company.
  • Distribute the lines of Invoices and Manual Checks to any number of companies.
  • • Select the Subsidiary companies' general ledger accounts, item codes, properties and units, leases and allocation codes at the time of payable entry.
  • • Honor the property and unit account translation setup in each subsidiary company.


Accounts Payable charges designated as common area maintenance (CAM) automatically flow to the PM CAM system where the charges are handled in accordance with each lease's CAM setup. There is no double keying, improving accuracy and saving valuable time.

In this example, the invoice total credited the Agent's Accounts Payable account and debited the Due From account designated for the Subsidiary Company. In the Subsidiary Company, the expense account is debited and the Due To the Agent account is credited.