ACS PM : Lease Management

Flexible and Detailed Lease Management for Property Management Companies



Effective lease management is at the core of your successful property management operation. The ACS Property Management (formerly PM2000) solution provides unparalleled lease management functionality with options flexible enough to meet the needs of Commercial, Residential, Retail, Home Owners' Association and other managers. Lease Management delivers the tools and information you need to manage your properties for maximum profitability.


Comprehensive Lease Setup

Setup, track, and manage the routine and not so routine details of your leases with ACS PM's Lease Management.



Flexible Charge Tracking And Controls

ACS Property Management offers extremely flexible recurring charge billing funcionality to match the way you work.


  • • Maintain an unlimited number of charge lines per lease.
  • Setup billing for rent, deposits, and other miscellaneous charges.
  • • Create time sensitive rent increases and decreases which will take effect automatically at billing.
  • • Assign CAM allocation code for tracking CAM estimated payments.

Charge History and Payments

ACS Property Management tracks all charge and payments for each individual invoice line. Each line's balance is maintained in addition to tracking the total invoice balance. Balance information is sorted according to charge code and type, including rents, deposits, and multiple reimbursement or other revenue categories. Because payments are tracked to the specific line item being paid, researching payment application for a tenant is easy.