Multi-bin and warehouse management System for sage 100 Erp

Warehouse Management Overview

Below is a simplified diagram of a standard warehouse. All of the locations seen below can be handled by Multi-Bin using manual or automated options.
















You will see three primary terms used in reference to Bin Locations themselves.

Primary Pick

Primary Pick locations are the "standard" locations where an item is usually found. These locations are generally found in the main picking areas of the warehouse. You can see from the shelving (A-F) above, how we have broken our warehouse shelves down in 5 sections across (10, 20, 30, 40, 50) and 3 sections vertically (L, M, U). The L and M sections are considered primary pick areas (because they are relatively easy to get to). The U section (the top of the shelves) is used for storing larger numbers of items (like pallets).

Staging locations

Staging Locations are where items are stored until something else is done with them. Consider them holding locations. This can be items waiting to be packaged for sales, items that were just received and waiting for put away, or items from manufacturing waiting for quality control approval.


Overflow locations are for the bulk storage of items. This can be used for shipping large orders, putting away large receipts, or replenishing primary pick locations as they become depleted.