Multi-Bin Inventory Dashboard

We are very happy to announce we are providing to all of our users this new Multi-bin Inventory Dashboard.  It is in the current builds for all version 5.0 to 5.4.  The Dashboard launches from inventory main menu.  You can now select inventory from multiple warehouses and select from all inventory fields and more using the selection operands in the grid. 

Perhaps you are interested in selecting inventory based on Regions/Zones and locations. You can nudge the selection using operands like less than and greater than on the quantity on hand and quantity available fields. Lot users can refine by lot/serial numbers and use operands for with expiration dates. On the Water users will appreciate selecting Containers or Pallets and using the expect receive date.

Make multiple selections with Control-Click and Shift Click your selections. Then all of your selections can be transferred, allocated, establish holds on inventory, release them and break pallets by single click buttons.

Let us know when you are ready to upgrade. Of course – talk to your Sage reseller and us.

Click image below for full size

Multi-Bin Dashboard