Multi-Bin Directed Putaway

ACS Multi-bin WMS Directed PutAway options directs the system where goods are stored. The system
calculates destination information from the capacity of the locations and the desired settings. Print the Multi-Bin
PutAway Report to print put aways from staging locations or after goods are produced. Put Away report can be
generated based on purchase orders by using the Put Away template in purchase order printing.

Choose to store goods nearby or in the same location of the same item. Also it can give favor to store goods or
product lines in certain warehouse zones (called regions) or aisles. Perhaps you want to store goods in overflow
locations first or to the pick area. Goods can go directly to primary pick locations too and if you have a number of
the them it will put them to the lowest primary code first. There are also overriding factors such as when there is no
existing inventory and the system can direct goods to Primary Bin locations or to the Shipping dock if there are

Sales Order Priority Location

Inventory designated for a sales order in a purchase order and a work order is directed to the bin location selected for the sales order. If there is no location in the sales order the system checks for a location setup for the customer and shipping staging location. Click for setup of Customer and Sales Order Priority Location Setup.

Ship Backorders when there is no stock

Directed putaway will advice to put goods in the S/O shipping staging location if there is no inventory on hand to fill an order.

Store in Overflow

Directed putaway will advice to put goods in the overflow locations if the settings to store purchase orders from the overflow area were large case packs and palleted goods are stored. Setup is the minimum quantity designated in item maintenance and designated Unit of Measure codes to the ones in the purchase order.

(*P) Store by ID Package Size

ID types have their own Volume size and locations can be selected to store a designated quantity of ID types. Volumes for ID types are setup in Pallet ID Type Maintenance. This value will be used instead of volume computed for the ID (TotalVolume). ID Types can be associated to a bin location in bin location maintenance where the quantity of the ID type (and Volume) can be designated. When bin locations have designated ID types, directed putaway prioritizes IDs to these locations.

Store to Primary Bin Locations when there is no stock

Advice to primary bin locations can be done when there is no stock to rotate to the primary bin location.

Putaway Rules

Directed Putaway evaluates options you set. Click for company wide options, product line and item.

  • (*P) ID Package size. The quantity of an ID type (e.g., pallets) and the volume for mixed IDs in a location. Click for ID package size settings
  • To the preferred area—pick area or to the overflow area
  • If preferred Aisles are designated to the product line setup or to the Item Code. Click for Product line Region - Aisle settings.
  • If preferred Regions are designated to the product line setup or the Item Code.
  • Should goods go to where it was last received, where the greatest QOH or the least QOH
  • Should goods go to the same location where inventory is or nearby to the same location where the item is.
  • Bin location restrictions and put away settings. Click for Bin Location options.
  • Bin location capacity. Capacity designates volume factors for mixed goods items and quantity settings for same sized items. Click for capacity settings.