Multi-Bin Directed Picking

ACS Multi-Bin WMS Directed Picking

ACS Multi-Bin WMS Directed Picking automatically allocates inventory to sales orders so you can sell the
optimal goods and from the optimal bin locations. Product Line Maintenance provides overrides of these options
and Item Code Maintenance will override settings to the individual item. The reserved inventory for the sales order
can be printed on the pick sheet to direct the picker and the information is resident on RF handhelds certified from
ACS Group to both direct the pickers and to offer validation right goods and lots are picked.

Wave picking sheets provides an output in bin location order and by sort code which will provide your own
directional pick flow. Click for wave picking options. Wave picking sheets are printable for individual sales orders
and groups of sales orders. The Wave Batch Shipping Control add-on provide automated selection of orders, back
order fill and more advanced wave batching features.

Directed picking first allocates from reserved bin locations specified for the Customer and Sales Order. This is
great for inventory earmarked for certain orders and customers. Directed Picking allocates inventory from the Multibin
Directed Picking Options starting from the pick area. However, if designated, it will allocate from the Primary
Bin Locations in the Pick area before seeking other inventory in the Pick area. The other areas can be chosen to
allocate and their relative priority. Or you can choose to just allocate inventory from the primary locations and then
rotate inventory to them. Options can be set company wide, then override them by product lines and then by item.

Jump to Overflow

Jump to overflow settings will fill large orders from the overflow area were large case packs and palleted goods are stored. This will help keep up the pick area and primary locations filled for the smaller orders. Setup is from the minimum quantity designated in item maintenance and designated Unit of Measure codes to the ones in the sale order.

(*W) Wave Batch Shipping Control

(*W) Wave Batch Shipping Control prioritizes the orders to ship and to allocate inventory to. Inventory here can be allocated order or to the batch itself. Batch allocations allows gross picks where more than the sales order can be picked and then staged. Ultimately batching will allocate to the order in the staged area.

Customer and Sales Order Priority Bin Locations

Directed picking checks for locations created for the customer and sales order and will allocate from those locations. Bin location maintenance has options to restrict inventory to certain customer numbers and customer types. Inventory can be transferred to those locations at will and Directed Putaway can recommend transfers to the restricted bin locations when the sales order number is specified in P/O Receipt of Goods and Work Order Completions.

Item Primary Bin Locations

Select the desired algorithms for Non-Lot Serial items and Lot Serial items to allocate from their primary bin locations. The primary bin locations were selected in Inventory maintenance or are auto assigned to the item if the Multi-bin Option is ON to Auto Assign Primary Bin Locations. This option allows the primary location to float as inventory lands in a bin location designated as a primary bin location.

Auto Allocate from the Pick area

Inventory is selected from the valuation selection rules. They include the next bin location, least quantity in a bin location, FIFO as goods were received into a location, a sort code which is a user defined, lot serial number, lot receipt date (FIFO),(*E) lot expiration date, Lot LIFO.

Auto Allocate from Other Areas

Select to pick and the priority from bin locations in other areas in the warehouse: Floor, Other, Overflow and Staging location types. Floor and Other areas may contain less inventory than the Pick area or the quality of goods is less. Overflow may want to pick last because it is the newest inventory or can have the large case packs and pelleted goods. Staging goods for goods that are still getting checked in or the goods are selected for goods going out.

(*P) Auto Allocate by ID Package Quantity

Will allocate to best case packs and pallets to fill an order. There is an option to scan all inventory regardless of the area it exists so that the largest package size is allocated. The system will also best match the unit of measure code selected in the sales order. If a certain case pack is designated in the order the system can fill the order from that case pack size on up to larger designated case packs.