ACS Multi-Bin & Warehouse Management For Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200)

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Saves warehouse space. Improves inventory quality, accuracy and efficiency. Reduce inventory shrinkage and obsolescence.

ACS Multi-bin and Warehouse Management includes the experience of 15 years integrated exclusively for Sage 100 ERP and over 400 implementations. It provides a seamless multi-bin and warehouse management system WMS functionality integrated for Sage 100 ERP. It is flexible to setup to get quick startup and simple design, and it can be setup for more advanced needs utilizing WMS features. Choose to built-in comprehensive Directed Picking and Directed Putaway features operates as you do in Sage 100 ERP. It is compatible with most extended solutions, developer enhancements and business object integration.

  • Directed Picking
  • Directed Put Away
  • Wave Pick Sheets
  • License Plate Pallet and Case Pack Iventory
  • Transfer and Rotate Inventory
  • Radio Frequency, Wireless and Apple iOS Integration
  • Reserve and Release Iventory


  • Define Pick zone, Primary pick area, Overflow area, Staging areas.
  • Create Warehouse Regions (zones) and Aisles to control good placement and improved grouping of locations. Define five Regions and Aisles to group goods in product lines and individual items.
  • Define primary pick locations to individual items. Pick in increasing order and put away in decreasing order.


  • Pick by order, wave picking and wave batch picking (*W)
  • Prioritize goods within Primary pick area, Pick zone, Overflow area, Staging areas.
  • Define picking algorithms FIFO, sequential, put away date, lot number, lot create date, lot expire date (FEFO)(*E), LIFO, user defined.
  • Customize company wide, by product line and by item.
  • Direct pick auto allocations for S/O distribution and Manufacturing B/M and W/O


  • Define location capacity to improve put away advice.
  • Choose to store goods in the same location or not.
  • Define to store goods in Warehouse Regions and Aisles by Product Lines and by items.
  • Advise to move goods to shipping for back orders.
  • Put away advice from receiving, production completions and purchase order.


  • Transfer goods individually and for a group of items to another location. Transfers are immediate and full audit trail.
  • Transfer by location and by item. Can transfer any number of items in a locations in a few clicks.
  • Can move sales order and work order allocations along with transfer.
  • Control inventory location receipt date and issue date. Customizable from staging locations.
  • Transfer between warehouses and locations with grid based in I/M Transaction entry.
  • Import transfers with Visual Integrator and BOI


  • Select by last counted by item and by when multi-bin inventory was last counted
  • Group and select by warehouse regions and locations
  • Print physical work sheets by locations and items
  • Explode items in Pallet ID in count card and physical count entry(*P)
  • Visual Integrator and BOI automation


  • Location capacity computed by item volume and quantity in location
  • Put Away evaluates location capacities and evaluates inventory stored in primary locations
  • Replenishment and management reporting evaluates capacity for locations


  • Stock status and valuation report
  • Detail audit trail and allocation report
  • Location capacity report reflects available locations by how full
  • Put away report from staging and by purchase order and produced goods
  • Primary location replenishment report advices replenishment by your rotation settings
  • Pick sheet templates for sales order, bill of materials and work order


  • Real-time inventory transfers between locations
  • Real-time lookup inventory on handhelds
  • Pick and pack and directed picking
  • Work order raw materials


  • WAVE BATCH PICKING (*W): groups orders to wave pick and ship.
  • EXPIRATION DATE CONTROL AND VENDOR LOT TRACEABILITY (*E): Automates lot and serial Expiration Dates and trace raw material usage in product and sale to customers.
  • LICENSE PLATE - PALLET, CASE PACK (*P): Provides for the grouping, identification and movement of inventory. Print pallet tag and invoiced pallet report. Handles mixed and same item pallets and case packaged.
  • MANUFACTURING AUTOMATION: Full integration with ACS Manufacturing Automation series. Including make to order, scheduling, work order efficiency and dash board.
  • IN-TRANSIT: Provides warehouse-to-warehouse tracking maintaining supply and demand for inbound and outbound warehouses.
  • CATCH WEIGHT: Tracks and provides an alternate unit of measure and to sell by the weight sold.

New Feature!

Primary Location Replenishment Dashboard

We are thrilled to announce a new major feature for the ACS Warehouse Management system.

  • Primary Location Dashboard