JobOps Work Ticket Allocations - Click here for the PDF version of this page

New Allocate Parts Inventory for JobOps Work Tickets (without having to use your inventory)

Manually allocate inventory and automatically allocate inventory to Work Tickets without before consuming your inventory. They will assist you

• Manually allocate parts to Work Tickets.
• Automatically allocate inventory using the full ACS Allocation engine Allocation Button
• Print wave picking sheets. Snake pick thru your warehouse.
• Use Stage Sales Orders to quickly move the entire work tickets allocations to SHIPPING and other locations. Quick pick and moves for individual steps.
• Use Stage Sales Orders and handhelds to pallet inventory. Pallet inventory to ship and to store on racks.

How to Allocate in Parts Entry vs. Consuming Inventory

How to allocate
• Select Work Ticket Edit from the Manufacturing Main menu and pull up anything out there > Enter a step and click on the parts tab > Enter a part > Enter a quantity required.
• You should see a distribution button enabled (hotkey: Alt-O). This launches you into the allocation distribution screen.
• Quantity Allocated column reduce quantity available by subtracting allocations and do not reduce quantity on hand inventory.
How to consume
• If you enter a quantity used, you’ll see another distribution button (hotkey, Alt-Y). This launches you into our distribution screen for dynamic inventory.
• When you enter a quantity used (and distribute them), it will actually “consume” inventory (if present) – and if you go beyond that, it will take from inventory quantities on hand. Inventory Quantity on Hand is updated when you exit the ticket.