ACS Apparel Management for Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200)

Full-suite apparel solution for detailed tracking of apparel items in distribution and manufacturing stages.

ACS Apparel Management provides modern apparel manufacturers and distributors with a full suite of specialized enhancements for the Sage Sage 100 ERP system.

ACS Apparel is a full-featured, high-performance solution for handling the organization, manufacturing, purchasing, sale, and distribution needs of the apparel industry while working in conjunction with the standard MAS modules of Inventory, Purchase Order, Sales Order, RMA, Bill of Materials and Work Order along with providing complete integration with the General Ledger and accounting processes. ACS Apparel provides Color & Size functionality, Product Divisions, Pre-Book & At-Once Season handling, UPC processing and much more…

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Color & Size Handling

Color and size matrices can be maintained and assigned to individual items, streamlining entry setup.  Color and Size sort orders are also maintained and assigned to provide items the proper display and reporting output desired (e.g., Size sorted). Also, all color and size reporting is provided “horizontally” versus “vertically”.

Seasonal Offerings

Handle the seasonal nature of the apparel business by allowing for Pre-Book and At-Once Sales Ordering, Domestic and International Start / Cut-Off / Ship Date restrictions, Auto Generation of Purchase Orders by Season (Manufacturing automation coming soon) and Item Availability and Allocation handling.

Line Management

Organize Items into Product Lines and Product Lines into Product Divisions for quick and easy organization. Utilize a unique UPC structure for each Product Division and automatically assign (and re-use) UPC codes either during item creation or at a later date. Utilize all item Valuation types.


Bill of Materials and Work Order modules have been enhanced to accommodate apparel requirements. Process Work Orders or BOM Productions seamlessly utilizing Pick Sheets, Travelers and Production Line reporting.

Order Entry Grid Controls

Advanced Order Entry Color Size Distribution features - choose applicable color ways prior to Line Entry, Color / Size Quantity, copy by color or for entire item and previous line item Quantity copying.

Sales Allocations & Pickings

Optional Allocation / Picking system is provided. Choose to Auto Generate Allocations and Pickings for "Complete" or "Partial" Order shipment requirements. Utilize data entry screens for editing.

EDI & 3rd Party Warehouse Integration(1)

With a top-notch EDI partner, ACS Apparel can provide EDI Purchase Order (850), Invoice (810) and Advanced Ship Notice (856) integration along with 3rd Party Warehouse Shipping / Shipment Advises (940 / 945) and PO Shipping / Receipts Advises (943 / 944).

Royalty Handling

Enhancing the Sage 100 ERP Salesperson Commission system, ACS Apparel provides advanced Royalty Handling for up to 4 Salespersons per Item providing percentage and / or amount assignments. Detailed and Summary Royalty reports are provided.

Integration with other products

Compatible with the ACS Multi-Bin Warehouse Management system, including scanning integration with the top scanning solutions on the market. Multi-Currency, Advanced Landed Cost and Virtual Warehouse / Container Tracking integration.(1)

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(1) EDI & 3rd Party Warehouse Integration and other earmarked products coming soon. Some information contained may refer to an ACS add-on to the base product.